DIY Bunny.

What is Easter décor without a bunny or two? In this post I’ll be sharing a super quick and easy DIY to make you’re own Easter bunny – so easy that even someone who can’t really sew would find it… ‘sew easy’ (see what I did there?). You’ll need: 2x fabric cuttings of equal length […]

DIY Easter

It’s EASTER Week! Whoop whoop. Today started off a little rough with one heck of a headache that thanks to a few self-massages and modern medicine eventually subsided. Sadly I missed out on singing time with the kiddies at church (for those of who don’t know what that means – I am the music leader for […]

Home Fabrics Trend Talk.

Have you ever needed just that little bit of a kick to get something done. Well today was my creative kick. All it took to hype me up was a trend talk by Home fabrics, one of South Africa’s leading fabric houses. I now feel like painting with metallic, dressing with velvets, dancing through rain forests and eating […]

Trend Talking.

So if you’ve come here to read an educated and structurally sound article about the latest trends in the design industry… you’ve come to wrong place. I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about but I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Yesterday we attended a U&G Fabrics trend talk. It is the […]


I don’t actually know how to start this post. So much is happening and almost everything seems to excite me these days. So first things first. I started my first real job last week Monday and it’s the BEST (it’s also the reason I haven’t posted in a while – time management people). I work […]


Today was a difficult day. Not terribly hard or terribly stressful, it was just difficult – the kind of difficult one would use to describe a stubborn sibling. Just difficult. Full stop. But strangely enough that is what made this day a good day. Because the difficulty made me think and puzzle ’till my puzzler […]